Historic Almondbury: The Village on the Hill (1975)

Historic Almondbury: The Village on the Hill was published in 1975 by Kirklees Libraries and Museums Service. The booklet features a number of short articles by various authors.


  • 80 pages
  • paperback booklet

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  • "Ambry" by J.E. Taylor
  • Almondbury — Physical Setting by F.S. Hudson
  • Castle Hill by C. Stephenson
  • Penny Spring Wood by J.L. Hudson
  • Pasture and Plough by D.A. Kirby
  • Woollen Industry by H.N. Sykes
  • Ancient Highways by F.S. Hudson
  • Parish Church Story by Rev. D.H. Boyling
  • Ceiling of the Nave by K.M. Cocker
  • Almondbury Bells by Rev. D.H. Boyling
  • Reims Crucifix
  • Chantry Chapels by G. Hinchliffe
  • Early Church Register by H. Taylor
  • Parish Church Silver by Rev. D.H. Boyling
  • Methodism by H. Richardson
  • Woodsome Hall by K.M. Cocker
  • Wormall Hall by K.M. Cocker
  • Fenay Hall by F.S. Hudson
  • Longley Hall by C. Stephenson
  • Royal Charter of King James's Grammar School by H. Taylor
  • Elementary Education by M. Lunn
  • Local Customs by G. Cocker
  • Village Dialect by E.M. Wilkinson