Henry Krüger (c.1851-1942)

Henry Krüger was a German-born photographer who spent over 30 years living in Huddersfield before immigrating to America in 1914.


He was born at Posen, Germany, around 1851 (possibly 21 June 1851).

He married Henrietta Silverberg[1], reportedly in 1877 at the Hope Place Synagogue in Liverpool. The couple seemingly moved to Manchester by 1879 before moving eastwards across the Pennines. The couple had nine children, although two died before 1911:

  • Bernard Krüger (c.1879-?)[2]
  • Benjamin Krüger (c.1882-1962?)[3]
  • Dorothy Krüger (c.1884-?)
  • Joseph Krüger (1887-1965?)[4]
  • Bertha Krüger (c.1890-1975?)[5]
  • Florence Krüger (c.1892-?)
  • Jack Krüger (c.1897-1976?)[6]

By 1881, the couple were residing at 62 Laburnum Terrace, Huddersfield, with their son Bernard (aged 3) and Henrietta's widowed father baker Hyman (54), her brother photographer Leopold (23) and her sister bookkeeper Rose (15). Henry was by now a photographer, perhaps with brother-in-law assisting.

Portraits taken by Krüger give his studio's addresses as Northumberland Street ("below the Post Office") and Victoria Studio, 26 Queen Street. A small number of portraits also state that he had another studio at Bridge Street, Slaithwaite.

The 1891 Census lists the family living at Melbourne Place, St. Andrew's Road, with their 5 children and sister-in-law Rose (25) now working as a governess.

By the time of the 1901 Census, the growing family had moved to 26 Queen Street, where Henry was assisted in the photography business by his sons Bernard (22) and Benjamin (18) — it was presumably around this time that H. Krüger & Sons, Ltd. was established. Two other families were listed as visitors — Austrian photographer manager Adolf Urban and fancy goods merchant John Ritter from America.

Henrietta Krüger died on 25 August 1906.[7]

The 1911 Census shows 26 Queen Street to be much less crowded, with widower photographer Henry living with four children, three of whom were assisting in the business.

It seems highly likely that the unfolding events in Europe meant that the German-born photographer no longer felt welcome in the country he had resided in for most of his life and at some point in 1914 the family left for America.

He may be the Henry Krüger who became a naturalised citizen on 29 December 1918 at Elkhorn, Wisconsin, Illinois. If so, his date of birth was given as 21 June 1851.

The 1920 Census lists Henry (aged 68) renting a property on Polk Street in Ward 13 of Chicago, together with his unmarried children Benjamin (36), Bertha (25), Jack (22) and Flora (22).

The 1930 Census records Henry (79) renting an apartment on Harding Avenue in Chicago and his occupation was given as importer of dry goods. Still living with their father were Benjamin, Bertha and Flora.

Henry Krüger of 4505 N. Spaulding, Cook, Chicago, died on 30 October 1942 and was buried at Westlawn Cemetery on 2 November.


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Notes and References

  1. Born around 1858 in Guesen, Germany.
  2. Born in Liverpool or Manchester. Possibly the Bernard Krüger married to Eugenie who appears in the 1930 and 1940 US Censuses.
  3. Possibly the Benjamin Krüger who died in Illinois in November 1962, who was born on 25 August 1882.
  4. Possibly the Joseph Krüger who died in Illinois in May 1965, who was born on 12 May 1887.
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  7. It took nearly a whole year for Henry to be granted probate over his late wife's estate.

Henry Krüger (c.1851-1942)


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