Helme School Through a Hundred Years (1970s) by A.M. Bishop

Helme School Through a Hundred Years was written by Anne M. Bishop and was likely published crica 1973.


  • 40 pages
  • paperback booklet

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The booklet has been reproduced with the kind permission of Helme C of E Academy.


A short account of the environment, beginnings, and development of a Yorkshire village Church of England School.


  • Preface: The Hamlet of Helme
  • Chapter I: The Brook Family
  • Chapter II: The Beginning of Education in Helme
  • Chapter III: Teachers
  • Chapter IV: Problems of Attendance
  • Chapter V: Building and Equipment
  • Chapter VI: The Curriculum
  • Chapter VII: Notable Events
  • Chapter VIII: The School Today
  • Chapter IX: Conclusion
  • Bibliography and Acknowledgements