Helme Hall, Helme Lane, Helme

Reportedly built in 1887, possibly on land sold by the trustees of the late Joseph Batley at auction on 13 May 1885 at the Rose and Crown Inn, Meltham.[1] Although it is sometimes stated that the hall was built for Edward Hildred Carlile[2], it seems likely that he instead purchased or leased the property after it was advertised in 1888:[3]

TO BE LET OR SOLD, the excellent newly-built FAMILY MANSION known as HELME HALL, within 15 minutes' walk from Meltham Station. — For particulars apply to Mr James Haigh, agent, Meltham.

By 1906, E. Hildred Carlile had moved to Ponsbourne Park, Hertfordshire, which was the estate of his uncle James W. Carlile.

The next resident was most likely silk manufacturer Sharples Fisher[4], who had previously resided at Helme Edge and whose family were linked to Longroyd Bridge Mills. His son, solicitor Edward Lindesay Fisher (of the Huddersfield firm of Brook, Freeman, Booth and Fisher) continued to live at Helme Hall, where he died on 28 April 1936. Edward's widow Helen Esther Fisher (daughter of Thomas Julius Hirst of Meltham Hall) was listed residing at the hall in the 1939 Register.[5]

The hall is currently Helme Hall Nursing & Residential Home.[6]


Although the architect remains unknown, the following advertisement from May 1885 may relate to the building of Helme Hall and suggests it designed by John Kirk & Sons:

TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS, PERSONS desirous of TENDERING for any of all of the various WORKS required in the ERECTION OF A RESIDENCE, STABLES, COACH-HOUSES, &c., at Helme, near to Huddersfield, may see the drawings and specifications and obtain bills of quantities at our Huddersfield Offices from Thursday, the 21st, to Thursday, the 28th, on which latter day sealed tenders are to be send to us not later than Three o'clock p.m., free of charge.

The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.

JOHN KIRK and SONS, Architects.


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Notes and References

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