Heaton Lodge, Bog Green Lane, Colne Bridge, Kirkheaton

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  • also known as: Heaton Lodge School, Heaton Lodge Preparatory School
  • location: off Bog Green Lane, Colne Bridge, Kirkheaton
  • status: still exists
  • category: property

The property was advertised for let in 1879 and then again in 1881:[1]

TO BE LET, the commodious Family RESIDENCE, called Heaton Lodge, with the outbuildings, lodge, cottage, farm buildings, gardens, vinery, pleasure grounds, and 68 acres of agricultural LAND, situate at Colne Bridge, within three quarters of a mile of Bradley Station, and four miles of Huddersfield.

By 1884, the property was being used as a boarding school. The school appears to have still been in existence in 1918 and it is uncertain when it closed.

Census Returns

  • 1841 — manufacturer & local magistrate Joseph Starkey (aged 40)
  • 1881 — uninhabited
  • 1891 — school master William Fairweather (aged 59)
  • 1901 — headmaster Arthur Joseph Wilson (aged 33)


Notes and References

  1. "To Be Let" in Huddersfield Chronicle (06/Dec/1879) and (22/Oct/1881).