Harriet Shakeshaft (1858-1940) née Richardson

Harriet Shakeshaft was a Suffragette and a committee member of the Huddersfield branch of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU).


Harriet Richardson was born on 15 August 1858 in Middlesborough, the daughter of Martin and Margaret Richardson.

She married lithographic printer Charles Shakeshaft of Eston, North Yorkshire, in 1881 at Middlesbrough. The couple had eight children, although two had prior to the 1911 Census. The surviving six children were:

  • Eveline Shakeshaft (1882–1944)
  • Alice Shakeshaft (1884–1967)
  • John Richardson Shakeshaft (1886–1961)
  • Ethel Shakeshaft (1888–1958)
  • Allan Shakeshaft (1895–1963)
  • Hilda Shakeshaft (1899–1999)

The family lived in Middlesborough, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Berkshire, before settling in Huddersfield by 1897.[1]

In 1901, they were residing at 29 Halifax Old Road. By 1909, they had moved to Bank Terrace[2], Outcote Bank, before moving to 85 Northgate by the time of the 1911 Census.

Charles died aged 59 in 1919.

Harriet Shakeshaft of 2 Colne Terrace, Aspley, died aged 82 in 1940.


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