Harmonium Gardens Inn, Lindley

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  • also known as: Harmonium Inn
  • location: East Street, Lindley
  • status: still exists but now in different use
  • category: beerhouse

Opened as a beerhouse, the Harmonium was described in a 1868 court case as being "situated in a bye lane leading out of the Halifax Road". The landlord at the time was Francis Henry Oclee.[1]

In 1871, the licencee was William Wilson who applied for a music licence at the Brewster Sessions of 1871. By 1873, the landlord was gardener William Murgatroyd Tate of Halifax.

Huddersfield Chronicle (14/Oct/1871)

The name Harmonium Gardens, coupled with the fact that at least three of the known licencees and landlords were gardeners, suggests that the beerhouse adjoined a formally laid out garden. This is confirmed by a June 1875 chancery notice which described adjoining land as the "Lindley Tea and Strawberry Gardens"[2] and a separate 1871 newspaper reference to there being a greenhouse in the gardens.[3]

Due to a dispute about the ownership of the property, it closed in 1876. At the Brewster Sessions of 1877, Mr. Duxbury requested a continuance of the beerhouse licence and stated that he hoped to find a new tenant for the premises.[4] Although the magistrates permitted the renewal, it could be that the premises was never re-opened as a beerhouse as no further references were found during research.

Census Returns

  • 1861 — gardener & victualler Joseph Sheard (aged 63)
  • 1871 — gardener & innkeeper William Wilson (aged 44)


The 1861 and 1871 Census returns suggest that the beerhouse was located at the eastern end of what is now East Street (then known as Long Lane). The only property marked on the 1890s O.S. map which has a greenhouse is shown below:[5]

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