Harewood Toll House, Meltham Mills

The Harewood Toll House, also known as the Meltham Mills Toll House, was situated on the Lockwood and Meltham Turnpike.

The toll house was reportedly built around 1819 and was eventually demolished in 1971. A memorial plaque at the location reads:

Site of Meltham Mills Bar House c.1819-1971

The Turnpike Trust's application expired on 31 October 1874 and it was required that all their toll bars be removed before the end of 1874.

Census Returns

  • 1841 — Thomas Thornton (aged 40), his wife Mary, and their five children
  • 1861 — Mark Fisher (46), his wife Mary, and their three children
  • 1871 — widow toll bar keeper Mary Naylor (65)
  • 1891 — widower dry waller Jonas Earnshaw (56)
  • 1901 — quarry man Richard Haigh (46) and his wife Emma
  • 1911 — silk gassing overlooker Sam Jenkins (31), his wife Minnetta, and their three children


Notes and References

Harewood Toll House, Meltham Mills


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