Harewood Lodge, Meltham

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  • also known as: Harewood Cottage
  • appears on maps: 1854 [#268]
  • location on map: off Huddersfield Road near junction with Meltham Mills Road, Meltham
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: private house

The site is now the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Census Returns

  • 1841 — surgeon John Rawcliffe (aged 45), his wife Ann (40), their children and servant
  • 1851 — Minister of St. James, Andrew H. Hirst (31), his wife Margaret (31), their son Percy (3) and two servants
  • 1861 — fund holder widow Mary Brook (26)[1], her three children and three servants
  • 1871 — widow Mary Brook (36)[2], her two daughters and their four servants
  • 1881 — cotton spinner Charles Lewis Brook (25)[3], his sister Ruth Mary (24), and their three servants
  • 1891 — cotton sewing thread manufacturer Charles Lewis Brook (35) and his three servants
  • 1901 — thread manufacturer Charles Lewis Brook (45) and his three servants
  • 1911 — widow Mary Brook (76), son Charles Lewis Brook (55) and their three servants

Charles Lewis resided there until his death in May 1939.


Notes and References

  1. Wife of Charles John Brook (1829-1857).
  2. Occupation listed as "income from dividends".
  3. Son of Charles John Brook and his wife Mary.

Harewood Lodge, Meltham


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