Halifax and Huddersfield Turnpike Road

The Halifax & Huddersfield Turnpike was a 4-mile toll road running from Huddersfield to Elland Bridge, via Hillhouse, Clough House, Grimescar Wood and Ainley Top, and was built following an Act of Parliament in 1777.

Ainley Top Branch of the Halifax & Huddersfield Turnpike

The route to Ainley Top was then superseded in 1824 by a new route, running out of Huddersfield along New North Road through Edgerton and Birchencliffe. The preamble to the Act read:

...that it would be of public utility, if a branch were made from a certain part of the said district of Road, commencing at a place called The Ainleys otherwise Ainley Top, in the township of Elland cum Greetland, and passing into or through the several townships or places of Fixby otherwise Rastrick cum Fixby, and Lindley, to a certain place in the town of Huddersfield, called Temple Street...

The total cost of this new branch was reportedly £15,989 3s. 3d.[1]

The 1854 O.S. map shows the following toll points on the route:


The route of the turnpike road, including the latter branch, is shown below:

Notes and References

  1. "The Toll-Bar Question" in Huddersfield Chronicle (03/May/1856).

Halifax and Huddersfield Turnpike Road


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