Halifax Guardian (28/Feb/1852) - Holmfirth Catastrophe

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Holmfirth Catastrophe.

This dreadful calamity has thrown a deep gloom upon this village, the effects of which are strikingly portrayed in the countenances of several of the inhabitants who have been sufferers by it. The bodies of Mr. Sandford and Grace Shackleton, mentioned in last Saturday's Guardian as having been found on the previous day (Friday) were committed to their final resting place, on Saturday last, the former at the Wesleyan Chapel, and the latter at St. John's Church. The remains of Mr. Sandford were followed to the grave by a large circle of friends and acquaintances. A large concourse of spectators were also present. The officiating minister, the Rev. Mr. Garbutt, delivered a deeply affecting address on the occasion, which was listened to by all present with profound attention. In consequence of several bodies being yet missing a diligent search has been going on during the whole of the week, but hitherto without success. As an incentive to its continuation a reward of £5 is offered to any person who can produce the body of Jon. Mettrick, of Water Street, Hinchliffe Mill. He is 58 years of age, of very light complexion. We hope for the satisfaction of the relatives and friends, the missing will ere long be discovered. Articles of clothing continue to pour in from various parts of the country, which are regularly distributed to tbs sufferers by the committee who are sitting daily, to whom great credit is due for their exertions. Visitors anxious to see the scene of destruction continue daily to pour in from different parts of the country, some of whom are very generous to the sufferers in relieving them both with money and clothing.