Grove Inn, Long Lane, Grove Place, Dalton

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  • location: Long Lane, Grove Place, Dalton
  • status: still exists but under a different use
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

The Grove Inn was in existence by 1824 when the landlord was named as John Divers. At that time, the inn was being used for local meetings.[1] Diver's son was found drowned in the "canal basin near Messrs. Buckley and Co's warehouse" in February 1825.[2]

O.S. maps show that the inn had a yard at the rear, which was possibly used for stabling horses.

Although there is no entry for the "Grove" in the 1803 Alehouse Register, it may be that it was known as the Butchers Arms at that time and that the landlord was John Hawkins. If so, this would help explain why the inn was situated on the old highway between Huddersfield and Kirkheaton, rather than the Wakefield and Austerlands Turnpike (now Wakefield Road), and would suggest that the inn was in existence prior to the 1750s.

At some point in the 1960s or early 1970s, the licence was transferred from 80 Long Lane to a property at 115 Long Lane, which is situated on the northern side of the road near to the Swedenborgian Chapel. This premises closed in the 2010s and was converted to residential accommodation circa 2018.

Licensees and Landlords

  • John Divers (by 1824)
  • Adam Clayton (by 1849)
  • Abraham Clayton (prior to August 1857)
  • Thomas Freer (licence transfer August 1857)
  • Ann Norton (prior to February 1859)
  • Friend Ellis (licence transfer February 1859)
  • William Johnson (by 1862)
  • George Clayton (by 1868)
  • John Stead (by 1877)
  • George Henry Booth (by 1882)
  • Albert France (licence transfer 12 August 1898)
  • David Stringer (licence transfer 9 November 1898)
  • Thomas Henry Stringer (licence transfer May 1925)[3]

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The original location at 80 Long Lane is shown below.


Notes and References

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