Grove Cottages, Kilner Bank, Dalton

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  • appears on maps: 1890 [#1097], 1905 [#24]
  • location on map: Kilner Bank, Dalton
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: property

Shown on early maps as two adjoining properties, alongside mill goit flowing from River Colne, and also approached via footpath through Kilner Bank Wood. It seems one property had been demolished by the 1908 map and the other by the 1930 map.

A property named "Grove Cottage" at 64 Dyson Street, Dalton, is also recorded in the Census returns.

Census Returns

  • 1861 — George Inman (54) [agricultural labourer], his wife Mary (55), and their son George (22) [agricultural labourer]
  • 1861 — Edwin Benn (30) [gardener], his wife Ann (27) [dressmaker], and their children George and Edith
  • 1881 — Edward Dean (46) [woollen willower], his wife Harriet (49), and their lodger William Spence (63) [artisan engineer]
  • 1881 — Tom Ramsden (58) [power loom turner], his wife Martha (50) [power loom weaver], and their son Albert (29) [woollen beamer]
  • 1891 — Richard Hammond (23) [cement warehouseman], his wife Jane (22), their children Mabel (1) and Richard H. (3m), and Jane's sister Annie M. Hardy (24) [worsted weaver]
  • 1891 — Tom Ramsden (61) [woollen mill tuner], his wife Martha (59) [woollen mill weaver], their daughter Emily Bray (36) [woollen mill weaver] and her daughter Annie (8)


Grove Cottages, Kilner Bank, Dalton


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