Grey Hound Inn, Market Walk, Huddersfield

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  • appears on maps: 1851 [#404]
  • location on map: Market Walk, Huddersfield
  • status: exists but under a different use
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.
  • notes: with adjoining yard which ran up to New Street

George Mitchell, formerly the landlord of the Druid's Arms and the Druid's Hotel, became the licencee in August 1844.[1]

The inn was demolished in 1851 or 1852 — reportedly due to it being "in a most dilapidated state"[2] — and replaced with a new building. The name was then reused for the newly-opened Greyhound Inn on Manchester Road, of which Mitchell was the licencee at the time of his death in November 1856.

A proposal from Mr. J.C. Holt, the former landlord of the White Horse Inn on Beast Market, to transfer his licence to the new building on the former Grey Hound Inn site was rejected by magistrates in December 1856, who suggested that he would be better off applying for the licence of the then vacant Rose and Crown Hotel on Kirkgate. Holt had received £100 as compensation when the White Horse was pulled down "to make a much-desired public improvement in that locality."[3]

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Grey Hound Inn, Market Walk, Huddersfield


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