Greenhead High School, Huddersfield

Greenhead High School, originally called Huddersfield Municipal High School for Girls, was a girls' school built on the former site of Greenhead Hall.

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Following the death of former Mayor of Huddersfield John Fligg Brigg in 1899, Greenhead Hall stood unoccupied.

At a meeting of the Huddersfield Education Committee on 10 August 1905, it was voted that "inquiries be made as to the adaptability of Greenhead Hall for a High School for Girls [and] also the probable cost of the necessary alterations".[1] By the summer of the following year, Huddersfield Corporation had formally approached Sir John William Ramsden to negotiate the acquisition of the Greenhead Hall Estate "as a site for a school for girls".[2]

Alderman J.E. Willans reported to Huddersfield Town Council in August 1906 that the 3¼ acre site had been "obtained at a rental of £200 per annum" and that the proposed cost of demolished the existing hall and erecting a new building on the site would be £12,000.[3]

Huddersfield Municipal High School for Girls, designed by borough engineer K.F. Campbell, was opened on 15 January 1909 by Lord Stanley of Alderley. The cost of the new building, which provided accommodation for 286 pupils, was reported as just under £11,000.[4]

The school was superseded by Greenhead College in September 1974.

The Heads of the High School included:

  • Miss Medwin (appointed July 1914)[5]
  • Miss A. Hill (February 1918)[6]
  • Mrs. R. Doherty (December 1949)[7]
  • Margaret Owen (1957-1971)
  • Graham L. Cooksey (1971-1974)

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