Green Dragon Inn, West Gate, Huddersfield

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  • also known as: Green Dragon Hotel (c.1900)
  • appears on maps: 1851 [#406], 1890 [#354]
  • location: corner of West Gate & Market Street, Huddersfield
  • listed in: Baines (1822)
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.


An inn dating back to at least 1803, when John Hick was recorded as the licencee.

The premises were sold in 1864 for £2,100 and then to Mr. C. Potter of the Criterion Hotel in September 1880 for £9,100.[1]

The inn was closed after its licence renewal was refused at the Brewster Sessions of 1901.

Along with Commercial Chambers, the Green Dragon was demolished in the early 1900s to erect Bank Chambers.

Huddersfield Police Court

  • 19/Jul/1851 — James Dosser Dick charged with "obtaining goods under false pretences" from landlord Robert Spivey


Notes and References

  1. Leeds Times (25/Sep/1880).