Green Armitage (1840-1863)

Green Armitage was wool slubber of Meltham who apparently committed suicide a few hours before he was due to be married.


He was born in 1840, the illegitimate child of spinster Selina Armitage, and was baptised on 23 August 1840 at St. Bartholomew, Meltham.[1]

Selina Armitage married widower Edward Hoyle[2] of Wooldale on 24 May 1846 at All Hallows, Almondbury.

At the time of the 1851 Census, the family resided at Royd Edge, Meltham, and Green Armitage was recorded as the "natural son of wife".

By 1861, he was working as a wool slubber and lodging with iron foundry mechanic Philip Butterworth and his family on Town Street, Meltham.

Green Armitage was to have been married on Saturday 21 February 1863. On the day before, he had been seen "rambling about in Greenfield, Saddleworth, [...] in a seemingly dejected state of mind, but declined to give any proper account of himself as to his reason for being there."[3] On the morning of his wedding at around 10am, his body was found floating in the small reservoir next to New Bridge Mill, Meltham, by George Dyson. It was reported that when he failed to arrive at Huddersfield Parish Church for the wedding at midday, Green's fiancée travelled to Meltham where she was told of his death.[4]

At the inquest into his death, it was noted that £3 17s. 10d in gold and silver had been found on the deceased. Unable to determine if the death was accidental or deliberate, an open verdict was recorded. Several newspapers stated that his fiancée was pregnant, and speculated that it may have been the breaking of this news to him that led Green to take his own life.

Green Armitage was buried on 24 February at St. Bartholomew. His mother, Selina Hoyle, died in June 1878 and was buried on 18 June in the same graveyard.

Notes and References

  1. The name of his biological father was not recorded on the baptismal record.
  2. Edward Hoyle had previously married Charlotte Charlesworth (c.1818-1846).
  3. At the inquest into Green's death, butcher John Hollingworth stated that he had met the deceased in Saddleworth and that he "looked wild and excited." Green told him that he was seeking work and that he had set off from home "in a bit of a lark."
  4. The name of his fiancée was not recorded by the press, but it was stated she lived in Golcar.

Green Armitage (1840-1863)


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