Grassy Cliff, Scaly Gate, Fulstone

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  • also known as: Grassy Cliffe
  • location: off Scaly Gate, Fulstone
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: farmhouse

Originally a farmhouse, the property was leased by Fulstone Local Board in July of 1893 to serve as a smallpox isolation hospital during an outbreak of the disease at New Mill.[1] Work on converting the property to accommodate ten patients was nearing completion by August.[2] Reportedly the hospital was rarely used during any further outbreaks and became a drain on the resources of the local board's successor, New Mill Urban District Council, and the lease was allowed to lapse in 1898.[3]

At an auction held on 6 July 1898, the property was bought by William Hirst of Oak Lees for £140. Hirst then arranged for it to be gifted to the Urban District Council for use as an isolation hospital. However, by then, the council were one of the partner districts in the building of the Colne and Holme Fever Hospital at Meltham and a decision was made to abandon Grassy Cliff in August 1901. The property reverted to William Hirst who later demolished it.[4]

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