Granby Hotel, Manchester Street, Huddersfield

This page is a bare-bones entry for a location which appears on an historic Ordnance Survey map. More detailed information may eventually be added...


  • also known as: Granby's Head (1771)[1]
  • appears on maps: 1890 [#350]
  • location: corner of Manchester Street & Granby Street (neither exists), Huddersfield
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

The hotel is the property on the left-hand side of the archive photograph, although it had likely closed prior to the photograph being taken.

According to Redmonds, the property "commemorated the Marquis of Granby (1721-1770), the Scarborough man who was the Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in 1766" and gave its named to Granby Street.[1]


Notes and References

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