Benjamin Graham and Nephews

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Benjamin Graham & Nephews was a building and contracting firm established by Benjamin Graham, William Henry Jessop and his brother Joseph Jessop.

Following the death of Benjamin Graham in 1879, the firm continued as Graham & Nephews and then as Graham & Jessop after the departure of Joseph Jessop in April 1882.[1]

The separate contracting firm of Ben Graham & Sons was established by one of Benjamin's nephews, Ben Graham (1841-1912), who was sometimes referred to as Ben Graham Junior.

Selected Local Works

Graham & Nephew(s)
Graham & Jessop
  • alterations to Schools, Beaumont Street, Huddersfield (1891)[5]
  • new National Schools, Almondbury (1895)[6]
  • alterations to premises on John William Street for the Huddersfield Club (1895)[7]
  • alterations to Somerset Buildings, Huddersfield, to create a Free Library & Art Gallery (1898)[8]
  • Drill Hall, St. Paul's Street, Huddersfield (1899-1900)
  • alterations to Theatre Royal, Huddersfield (1901)[9]
  • Ramsden Tenement Buildings, Kirkgate (1911-12)[10]
  • extension to works of Messrs. Clayton & Co. Ltd. ("Karrier Car Co."), Deadwaters (Folly Hall), Huddersfield (1914)[11]
  • Almondbury and District War Memorial (1921)


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