George Winter Rhodes (1822-1892)

George Winter Rhodes was a local surgeon and general practitioner, and member of the Medical Research Council.


He was born in 1823, the youngest son of liquor and wine merchant William B. Rhodes and his wife Maria (née Brook), and was baptised 18 April 1823 at Huddersfield Parish Church. At that time, the family were living at Clough House, Fixby.

He was taught at the West Riding Preparatory School, Wakefield, and at Temple School, Brighton, and then studied medicine at King's College, London. He received his certificate to practise medicine on 5 August 1847.[1]

He married Georgina Mary Peacock (c.1823-1890)[2], daughter of John Pickering Peakcock, at St Thomas' Church, Clapton Common, London, on 14 October 1847. They had at least five children:

  • Georgina Isabella Rhodes (1848-?)[3] who married William Le Neve Bower in 1880
  • Honor Frances Rhodes (1850-1879)[4]
  • Mary Victoria Rhodes (1851-1925)[5]
  • Helen Brook Rhodes (1854-1922)[6]
  • George Francis Rhodes (1858-1923)[7]

He practised for a couple of years in London before returning to Huddersfield. He lived at 30 Ramsden Street from around 1850 to until around 1870, after which the family moved to Westbourne House on Queen Street South.

He was a member of the board of Improvement Commissioners (1854 to 1857)[8] and the Huddersfield Infirmary (from 1862). He was the first president of the Huddersfield Literary and Scientific Society and was also the president of the Huddersfield Paxton Society during the 1880s.

He owned lands somewhere in the vicinity of Meltham Cop and also in Honley, and was therefore eligible to vote, appearing on the Electoral Register from 1861 onwards.

His only son, George Francis Rhodes, also became a local surgeon.

George Winter Rhodes fell ill in April 1892 and eventually died on 22 November 1892, aged 69. His funeral took place at St Paul's Church.

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