George Henry Wrigley (1837-1884)

George Henry Wrigley was a woollen manufacturer and merchant of South Crosland and a member of the fourth generation of the family to have lived in the area.


He was born 28 September 1837, the son of James Wrigley (1808-1893) and his wife Sarah (née Shaw). He was baptised on 19 April 1838 at the Ramsden Street Independent Chapel.

He was the great grandson of James Wrigley (c.1747-1809) who founded James Wrigley and Sons of Cocking Steps Mill near Netherton.

George Henry Wrigley married Lilly Maria Barton (1852-1923) in 1878 in Manchester and they lived at Whitegates (also known as White Gate House) on Corn Bank, Netherton. They had four children:

  • George Barton Wrigley (1879-1950)[1]
  • Arthur Townsend Wrigley (1880-1944)[2]
  • Edgar James Wrigley (1881-????)[3]
  • Catherine Mercy Wrigley (1884-1965)[4]

The following account of George Henry Wrigley's death in August 1884 is taken from Supplementary Annals of the Church and Parish of Almondbury: July 1882 to June 1885, published 1885:

A still more sudden death occurred at Netherton only ten days subsequently to the above [George Dyson (1833-1884)]. Mr. George Henry Wrigley, of Whitegates, died of apoplexy in his garden, on Sunday Evening, August 24th, 1884, aged 47. He was eldest son of James Wrigley, Esq., for many years Chairman of the Board of Guardians of the Huddersfield Union, and of the firm of Messrs. Wrigley and Sons, Manufacturers. He was interred at South Crosland the following Thursday, with an almost equal train of mourners. In each case very solemn Services were held, and abundance of flowery tributes paid.

After his death, his widow moved to Fulham (1891 Census) and then Bedford (1901 Census).

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Notes and References

  1. Born 19 March 1879 and baptised 17 April 1879 at Holy Trinity, South Crosland. Possibly did not marry.
  2. Born 1 June 1880 and baptised 29 June 1880 at Holy Trinity, South Crosland. Married 1902 and served in the First World War. Ran a boarding house in Leamington Spa in the 1920s. Died in Warwick.
  3. Born 31 October 1881 and baptised 24 November 1881 at Holy Trinity, South Crosland. Married 19 October 1903 to Mary Godwin in Bedford. Possibly died in 1957 in Worthing, Sussex.
  4. Did not marry and died 21 September 1965 in Hove. Probate record lists effects to the value of £12,606.