George Dyson (1833-1884)

George Dyson was a Huddersfield solicitor, and co-founder of the firm Laycock, Dyson and Laycock.


He married Jane Laycock (c.1839-1922), daughter of James Campey Laycock, on 12 June 1861 at Huddersfield Parish Church.

They had two children:

  • Thomas James Dyson (1862-1933)[1]
  • Katherine Mary Dyson (1872-1935)[2]

He was one of the six initial trustees for the Hough Memorial School and also held the position of churchwarden of Holy Trinity, South Crosland from 1859 until his death.

In October 1868, he offered a reward after "some malicious person" smashed two large windows in his house.[3]

In 1879, he was one of the executors of the Rev. George Hough's estate.

George Dyson died on 14 August 1884 following a short illness. He was buried in the Holy Trinity graveyard on 20 August.

The following is taken from Supplementary Annals of the Church and Parish of Almondbury (published 1885):

The district of South Crosland has sustained the greatest conceivable loss in the sudden removal of a gentleman of talent and public usefulness, as well as private virtues, in the person of Mr. George Dyson, of Netherton, a member of the firm of Laycock, Dyson and Laycock, Solicitors, Huddersfield. He was the only son of Mr. Thomas Dyson, of Netherton, and was born on the 6th of March, 1833, and has therefore been cut oft in the prime of life. He had his early education under the care of the Rev. George Hough, of South Crosland, and served his legal articles under Mr. James Crosland Fenton. He contributed most of the materials of the Account of the Township and its venerable Incumbent, contained in the third part of these Annals, pages 307-12. He was married in 1861 to Jane, eldest daughter of James Campey Laycock, Esq., for many years Clerk to the County Magistrates in Huddersfield, and President of the Huddersfield Infirmary ; still surviving in his thirteenth septennary. Mr. Dyson, when the Incorporated Law Society was formed in Huddersfield, was unanimously chosen for the first President. His genial manners and upright conduct won him universal respect. He died, Saturday, August 14th, 1884, after a few days' illness, and was buried at South Crosland Church the following Thursday ; attended to the grave by nearly all the Magistrates, Clergy, and professional men of the town and neighbourhood, besides the parishioners and private friends. He leaves a widow, three sons, and one daughter, to mourn his loss. The Courts of Huddersfield and the Crosland Manufactory were suspended during the Funeral ; and remarkable testimony to his merits has been publicly borne by the Magistrates, Incorporated Law Society, and the Local Board of South Crosland, which he originated ; and the local press.

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Notes and References

  1. Born 12 December 1862 and baptised 21 January 1863 at Holy Trinity, South Crosland. Married to Julia Ethel Armitage (1871-1954) on 24 July 1890 at All Hallows, Almondbury. Died 1933 aged 70 in Devon.
  2. Born 2 November 1872 and baptised 8 January 1873 at Holy Trinity, South Crosland. Married to Ernest William Hirst on 25 February 1897 at Holy Trinity, South Crosland. Died 30 May 1935 aged 62 in Dorchester, Dorset.
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