George Dodgson Tomlinson (1809-1884)

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George Dodgson Tomlinson was a noted artist and portrait painter.


He was born on 26 October 1809 in Nottingham and was educated in Manchester.

He settled in Huddersfield in 1830 and soon became connected with the town's Mechanics' Institute, eventually become its president from 1859 to 1861. He was instrumental in the building of Mechanics' Institution on Northumberland Street which was built during his term as president.

He married Anna Maria Clay[1], daughter of Samuel Clay (founder of the Huddersfield Infirmary), on 31 December 1835. Their only known was child was:

He exhibited at the Royal Academy in London in 1848, 1851 and 1872.[2]

He was a member of the first council of the Huddersfield Archaeological and Topographical Association (formed 1863).

George Dodgson Tomlinson died on Sunday 14 September 1884, aged 74.[3] In their obituary, the Yorkshire Post noted "the deceased, who was a warm-hearted, benevolent gentleman, [...] enjoyed the respect of his fellow-townsmen".

Anna Maria Tomlinson died on 10 July 1888, aged 72.

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