George Cock, Limited

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George Cock, Ltd., were dyers of Longfield Dyeworks, Linthwaite.

The firm was established by cotton dyer George Cock (c.1836-1905)[1] of Golcar, son of greengrocer Joshua Cock, who had previously been a partner of Ephraim Mellor and Co. until 1875. The 1881 Census recorded that George's sons William, Joe Edward and Fred were also cotton dyers.

An invoice dated November 1916 gave their telephone number as Slaithwaite 25. An invoice from 1939 stated that they were "dyers of loose cotton, art silk, wool, and yarns of all descriptions, also hank winders."

Engineer John Thomas Baxter was engaged in repairs when he fell from a plank into a yarn vat of boiling water. He later died form his injuries.[2]

By the 1930s, the business was also operating at Walk Mill Dyeworks, Tamewater, Dobcross.

William Cock, chairman of the directors of the company and son of the founder, died aged 71 in April 1932 after being seriously burnt in a fire at his garage.[3]

A fire broke out in the basement of the dyeworks in April 1946 destroying around 20 bales of cotton.[4]

Notes and References

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George Cock, Limited


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