George Armitage (1806-1878)

George Armitage was a cloth manufacturer who resided at Milnsbridge House.


He was born on 24 September 1806, the son of Joseph Armitage and his wife Anne (née Taylor), and baptised on 24 September 1806 at Huddersfield.

He married Caroline Jane Dowker, daughter of James Dowker of North Dalton, on 24 August 1830. The couple had seven known children:

  • Kate Armitage (c.1835-1872)[1] — married Rev. Henry Freer Radford (Rector of Broughton)
  • Caroline Jane Armitage (1835-1926)[2] — married Rev. James Hope (Vicar of Halifax)
  • Joseph Armitage Armitage (1840-1898)[3] — married Julia Frances Pollard
  • (Rev.) George Dowker Armitage (1845-1913)[4] — married Maltida Constance Lawe
  • Gertrude Armitage (c.1846-1913)[5] — married George Buchanan
  • Edith Armitage (c.1849-?)
  • Frances Vernon Armitage (c.1850-?)

He was appointed a country magistrate in 1848 and became a borough magistrate in December 1870.

He resided at Milnsbridge House before purchasing the Nunthorpe Estate near York for his retirement, where he died on 19 February 1878, aged 72.

In their obituary, the Huddersfield Chronicle noted that he had held the following positions at various points during his life:

  • Commissioner of the Ramsden Canal
  • Road Commissioner
  • Income Tax Commissioner
  • Director and Chairman of the Huddersfield Banking Company
  • Improvement Commissioner
  • Trustee of the West Riding Charity
  • Churchwarden of St. Paul's Church
  • Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce
  • President of the Milnsbridge Mechanics' Institute
  • President of the Church Institute
  • President of the Huddersfield Conservative Association (1861-66)
  • Chairman of the Huddersfield Church Extension Committee
  • Trustee of the Huddersfield Saving Bank
  • Member of the Finance Committee of the West Riding

Notes and References

  1. Married Rev. Henry Freer Radford (Rector of Broughton) on 1 May 1862. Died 18 May 1872.
  2. Born 18 February 1835. Married Rev. James Hope, Vicar of Halifax, on 8 Sepetmber 1859.
  3. Born 23 September 1840. Married Julia Frances Pollard, daughter of George Pollard of Cheltenham, on 30 January 1866.
  4. Born 25 October 1845. Married Maltida Constance Lawe, daughter of Rev. Charles Benjamin Lawe of Lincolnshire, on 22 July 1873.
  5. Married George Buchanan of Ireland on 8 August 1860.