General View of the Agriculture of the West Riding of Yorkshire (1799) by Robert Brown

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General View of the Agriculture of the West Riding of Yorkshire, Surveyed by Messrs Rennie, Brown & Shirreff, 1793


  • Chapter I: Geographical State and Circumstances (page 3)
  • Chapter II: State of Property, and the Tenures Upon Which it is Held (page 7)
  • Chapter III: Buildings (page 9)
  • Chapter IV: Mode of Occupation (page 16)
  • Chapter V: Implements of Husbandry (page 51)
  • Chapter VI: Inclosing (page 71)
  • Chapter VII: Arable Land (page 77)
  • Chapter VIII: Grass (page 113)
  • Chapter IX: Gardens and Orchards (page 125)
  • Chapter X: Woods and Plantations (page 127)
  • Chapter XI: Waste and Unimproved Lands (page 131)
  • Chapter XII: Improvements (page 146)
  • Chapter XIII: Live Stock (page 178)
  • Chapter XIV: Rural Oeconomy (page 203)
  • Chapter XV: Politcal Oeconomy as Connected with, or Affecting Agriculture (page 213)
  • Chapter XVI: Miscellaneous Observations (page 236)
  • Chapter XVII: Obstacles to Improvements (page 247)
  • Chapter XVIII: Means of Improvement, and the Measures Calcuated for that Purpose (page 265)
  • Appendix

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