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Issues Relating to Copyright

One of the aims of Huddersfield Exposed is to make available historic materials for both researchers and those with a general interest in learning more about the history of Huddersfield and its surrounding districts.

As such, the site contains a growing collection of materials which are believed to be in the Public Domain or for which the rights owner has given permission (either explicitly, or implicitly via a Creative Commons License).

If we have made a genuine mistake and you believe that any item infringes your copyright, please send an email with supporting evidence to the address shown at the foot of the page.

If you are submitting a claim, please take into account the following:

  • This is a non-profit site whose primary purpose is to support research
  • The site is hosted on a server in the United States and therefore falls under the jurisdiction of U.S. Copyright Law, which allows for use of copyrighted materials on a limited basis for specific purposes — including education and research — without the permission of the copyright holder

If your claim is judged valid, the offending material will be removed as quickly as possible.


Historic photographs from the Kirklees Image Archive are included with express permission of the Tolson Memorial Museum and may not be reproduced further.

Other images are believed to be in the Public Domain or have been made available under a suitable Creative Commons License.

Original Content

All entirely original content created specifically for this web site is released under a liberal Creative Commons License.

Issues Relating to Personally Identifiable Information

As a general guideline, information about individuals is only added to this site when we are confident that said individual is deceased or when explicit permission has been granted. However, if you have any concerns or complaints, please send an email to the address given below.


This site contains many reproductions and transcriptions of historic texts, etc, and very occasionally these may contains words and phrases that are no longer regarded as socially acceptable. However, in general, material that is very likely to cause offence is not added to the site.

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