G. M. Marchant, Limited

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G.M. Marchant, Ltd., was a valve manufacturer based at the Rashcliffe Brass and Iron Works, Albert Street, Rashcliffe.

The firm was established in 1867 by George Maule Marchant (1846-1906) who was residing at Thornleigh, Wasp Nest Road, at the time of the 1891 Census.

It is uncertain when the company moved to the Albert Street site (formerly home to the Rashcliffe Dyewood Mills) but it was presumably circa 1900.

An invoice from 1910 gave their telephone number as Huddersfield 210 and named the firm as a "manufacturer of brass and iron mountings and fittings for steam and water purposes".

It became a private limited company in 1912 with a capital of £11,000. The first directors were George Maule's brothers James Marchant (c.1851-1934) and John Henry Marchant (1856-1929), and James' son George Herbert Marchant (1886-?).

An invoice dated October 1919 gave their telephone number as Huddersfield 210 and named them as "Manufacturers of Valve and Cock Specialists for Chemical, Gas, Steam, and Hydraulic Purposes."

The company was listed in the 1937 Directory as "Engineers & Brassfounders".


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