Fulstone Local Board

Fulstone Local Board was the local authority body primarily responsible for issues relating to public health in the Township of Fulstone.

Typically elected by local rate payers and property owners, Local Boards were formed following the Public Health Act 1848 and the subsequent Local Government Act 1858, and had responsibility for the oversight of sewers, water supplies, public toilets, street cleaning, slaughterhouses, pavements, and burial grounds within their district.

The Local Board was superseded by the short-lived Fulstone Urban District Council, which was then amalgamated with Scholes and Hepworth Urban District Councils to become the New Mill Urban District Council by the end of 1895.

Fulstone Local Board District

The district covered by the Local Board (shaded green), as shown on the 1892 O.S. maps, covered the entirety of the Civil Parish of Fulstone with the exception of about 60 acres of land controlled by Scholes Local Board. The Local Board also controlled three small detached parcels of land in the neighbouring Civil Parish of Wooldale, including one at Hade Edge.

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Fulstone Local Board


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