Frills (1916)

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Frills was announced by the Yorkshire Cine Co. Ltd. in the trade press in April 1916 as a "striking two-reel comedy", "with an all-star cast [...] from the Criterion Revue".[1] The film was the debut of London actress Ruby Miller.

In their review, The Bioscope stated that "the production is excellent, a feature being the very effective lighting of many of the scenes".


  • Queenie Thomas — Queenie
  • Ruby Miller — Ruby
  • Gregory Scott — Honorable Gregory
  • Bernard Vaughan — Lord Vaughan
  • Gerald Kirby[2]


Pierretts flees from a forced marriage and falls for a Lord's nephew.


The Bioscope (11/May/1916):

Having run away from home to avoid marriage, the heroine of this pretty little comedy becomes an actress, and eventually meets and falls in love with the man she fled from. Gregory Scott and Ruby Miller are excellent in the leading roles, and the whole production is decidedly praiseworthy. (Two parts.)


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Notes and References

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