Frederick Sigismund Schwann (1836-1902)

Frederick Sigismund Schwann was a Commission Merchant


He was born on 21 January 1836 at Huddersfield, the son of John Frederic Schwann and his wife Henrietta (née Kell).

He married Mary Watson Bagehot in 1865 at Hampshire. The couple had seven known children:

  • Mary Isabel Schwann (1866-1930)[1]
  • Katharine Mabel Schwann (1867-1963)[2]
  • Henry Sigismund Schwann (1868-1931)[3]
  • Marian Schwann (1871-?)[4]
  • Edward Bagehot Schwann (c.1872-1902)[5]
  • Ernest Schwann (1875-1961)[6]
  • Winifred Schwann (1880-1936)[7]

Frederick Sigismund Schwann died 26 February 1902 at Park House, Wimbledon, Surrey, and buried at Putney Vale Cemetery, Wimbledon. He left an estate valued at £153,826 9s. 5d.

In March 1917, Mary Watson and several of her children formally announced they had reverted to her maiden name of Bagehot by a deed poll, becoming: Mary Watson Bagehot, Mary Isabel Bagehot, Winifred Bagehot, and Ernest Bagehot. At the same time, Henry Sigismund Schwann announced he had taken the name Henry Bagehot Swann.[8]

Mary Watson Bagehot died on 21 June 1934, aged 95. She left an estate valued at £81,569 5s. 11d.

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