Frederick Robert Jones (1814-1896)

Frederick Robert Jones was a solicitor.


He was born on 21 June 1814, the son of Frederick Robert Jones, the steward of the Marsden estates of Sir Joseph Percival Pickford Radcliffe.

He studied law and succeeded his father as solicitor of the Marsden estates, acting in that capacity until just a few months before his own death in 1896.

He was initially a partner in the firm of "Fenton, Jones, and Rayner", before practising alone. He eventually partnered in the firm of "Jones and Hird". Following the death of Benjamin Casson, Jones was appointed the High Bailiff of Huddersfield County Court. After Mr. Hird's death, Jones "devoted himself entirely to his appointments under the Huddersfield and Holmfirth Bankruptcy and County Courts."

He had an interest in farming and horse racing, and "took great pride in his Model Farm at Harden Moss, where at one time he had a racecourse constructed." However, the course remained uncompleted for over 20 years until Robert Taylor relaid the track and erected a wooden stand for spectators. The Harden Moss Racecourse held its inaugural race in September 1895, as part of the Honley Feast.[1]

According to his obituary in the Huddersfield Chronicle, he "took great interest in music and drama" and once owned the Huddersfield Theatre Royal.[2]

It was reported that he had "a dread of railway travelling", apparently due to once being involved in a train accident. As a result, he much preferred to travel by horse and carriage, regardless of the distance.

He married twice, firstly to Miss Mary Hudson in 1837, who died in the mid-1880s, and then to Adelaide Eugene Hutchins of Huddersfield.[2]

Frederick Robert Jones died shortly after noon on Sunday 15 March 1896 at his residence at Land Ends, Crosland Moor, after catching influenza. He was buried in Milnsbridge on Thursday 19 March.

His widow married John William Wallace Smyth on 17 September 1902 in Blackpool. She died in London on 6 January 1958.

Census Returns

name age relationship occupation
1841 — Berk House, Almondbury
Frederick Robert Jones 26 head Solicitor.
Mary Jones 26 wife
Alice Thornton 19 servant
1851 — Kayes Lane End, Lockwood
Frederick Robt Jones Jr 36 head Solicitor, Clerk of County Court of Huddersfield and Holmfirth. Farmer of 72 acres employing 4 labourers.
Mary Jones 36 wife
Sarah Woodhouse 27 visitor Annuitant.
Mary Jane Shaw 17 visitor Annuitant.
Emma Dyson 22 servant Domestic servant.
Margaret Hudson 19 servant Domestic servant.
William Hudson 38 servant Farm servant.
1861 — Lane Ends, Lockwood
Frederick R. Jones 46 head Solicitor. Registrar of County Court.
Mary Jones 47 wife
Emma Dyson 31 servant Housemaid.
Margaret Dyson 28 servant Cook.
Fanny Dyson 16 servant Maid.
Richard Watson 26 servant Farm servant.
1871 — Park House, Lockwood
Frederick R. Jones 56 head Solicitor. Registrar of County Court at Huddersfield and Holmfirth. Land owner and farmer of 300 acres, employing 4 men and 2 boys.
Mary Jones 57 wife
Emma Dyson 41 servant Housekeeper.
Margaret Dyson 36 servant Cook.
Frances Dyson 25 servant Housemaid.
Richard Watson 40 servant Farm servant.
1881 — Thornton Road, Lockwood
Frederick R. Jones 66 head Solicitor. Registrar of County Court at Huddersfield and Holmfirth. Registrar of High Court of Justice. Farmer of 33 acres and employing 5 agricultural labourers.
Mary Jones 67 wife
Emma Dyson 51 servant Housekeeper.
Margaret Dyson 48 servant Cook.
Frances Dyson 36 servant Housemaid.
Richard Watson 26 servant Groom.
1891 — Park Road, Lockwood
Frederick Robt. Jones 76 head Solicitor. Registrar of County Court, Huddersfield and District. Registrar of the High Court of Justice.
Adelaide Eugene Jones 20 wife
John Derbyshire 29 visitor Commercial traveller.
Annie Marie Derbyshire 23 visitor
Adelaide Maud Derbyshire 3 months visitor
Richard Watson 50 servant Groom and coachman.
Mary Norfolk 45 servant Domestic servant.
Alice Leh 19 servant Domestic servant.

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