Frank Dore (c.1839-?)

Frank Dore was an artist and photographer of Lockwood who declared bankruptcy in 1880.


He was born in Northampton circa 1839.

It is believed he moved to the Huddersfield area in the early 1870s and established a photographic studio at 3 Bath Terrace, Lockwood, which his carte-de-visites proudly noted was adjoining the Lockwood Spa Baths. It is also reported that he had premises at 151 Westgate, Bradford.

At the Huddersfield Swimming Club's Sixth Annual Swimming Entertainment, held in September 1874, the first prize for the "hurdle race" was "life-size portrait" by Frank Dore.[1] In January 1876, a "beautifully executed oil-painting" which "reflected great credit upon the artist, Mr. Frank Dore, of Lockwood" was presented to Joseph Farrand, the Past Provincial Grand Master of the Loyal Friendship Lodge of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, M.U.[2]

By 1878, Dore had acquired various pieces of photographic equipment and he assisted in a presentation at the Primrose Hill Baptist Church on the evening of 25 March 1878. Mr. J. Ainsworth of Crosland Moor gave a lecturer entitled "A Tour from London through the United States of America" which was "illustrated by a splendid exhibition of scenery by means of Mr. Frank Dorr's trinoptican apparatus, with dioramic effects."[3] Just three days later, he assisted in another talk — "From London to the Falls of Niagara, together with a Series of Constantinople" — which made use of "the handsome triple-lantern [...] kindly lent and worked by Mr. Frank Dore."[4]

Huddersfield Chronicle (16/Jul/1881)

A petition for liquidation was filed on 4 March 1880 at Huddersfield County Court, where Dore's liabilities were set down as £700.[5] A meeting held before the end of the month recorded that he had liabilities totalling £366 18s. 4d. and net assets of £78 8s 8d.[6]

An auction of "the whole of the photographic materials, household furniture and effects" of Frank Dore was held on 20 July 1881.

It remains uncertain what happened to the Dore family next.[7]


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Frank Dore (c.1839-?)


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