Fleece Inn, Midway, South Crosland

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  • location: Midway, South Crosland
  • status: still exists but now in different use
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

According to the 1897 Licence Register, the premises was "struck off" in 1910 after being referred to the Compensation Authority at the Brewster Sessions of 1909. At the time, the building belonged to landowner Henry F. Beaumont and was leased to the Tadcaster Brewing Company.[1]

Hearing objections to licence renewal at the Sessions, a solicitor for the brewery questioned "an ancient inhabitant" who "had lived next door to the inn for forty years":[2]

Solicitor: Wouldn't you have to go further away for a drink?
Witness: We don't want drink. We brew wer own. (laughter)
Solicitor: I am told you had a drink there last week.
Witness: I didn't pay for it. (laughter)

The building is now a residential property.

Licence Transfers

  • 26/Aug/1879 — George Barker
  • 24/Aug/1897 — George Barker
  • 07/Nov/1899 — Charley Barker
  • 23/Jan/1900 — Edward Renard
  • 12/Mar/1901 — William Illingworth Anderson
  • 21/Jan/1902 — Charles Fishburn
  • 27/Jan/1903 — John Ebenezer Laidlaw
  • 21/Jun/1904 — John William Jaram
  • 28/Mar/1905 — John Thomas Walsham
  • 03/Dec/1907 — John Edmund Beckell


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