Farnley Tyas Mechanics' Institute

Farnley Tyas Mechanics' Institute was in existence by 1851.[1]

In October 1853, local farmer Robert Shaw was voted the president of the institute. The Huddersfield Chronicle reported that they had "a good library of useful books, and that the classes attend three nights a week for instruction". The membership of around 40 also met on Saturday evenings "to read the news of the day, and thus hear and see what is going on in the world".[2]

In December 1853, the members voted to acquire copies of Thomas Gisborne's "Essay on Cattle and Sheep" and his "Essay on Agriculture" for use in the institute's reading room, which then had around 120 volumes.[3]

By November 1856, the institute's president was the Rev. Cutfield Wardroper, the incumbent of St. Lucius's Church, Farnley Tyas.[4]

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