Farewell, Isabelle (Bamforth series 4772)

"Farewell, Isabelle" was a set of three hand-coloured postcards published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd. of Holmfirth.

The postcards were published as series number 4772.

Farewell, Isabelle (1)

Hark the drums, how they beat, Isabelle,
To the tramping of feet, Isabelle,
So dry your eyes, sweetheart, don't cry,
Wish me good luck and say good-bye.
There is work to be done, Isabelle,
There's a fight to be won, Isabelle,
Into line I'll fall — when the bugles call
Hurry up! come along! come along!

Farewell, Isabelle (2)

Farewell, Isabelle, Isabelle, don't let it grieve you — I've got to gp!
Farewell, Isabelle, Isabelle, I've got to leave you to face the foe;
You know very well, Isabelle, as the battle I go through,
I shall do my best when I'm in it to win it as I won you.

Farewell, Isabelle (3)

When I'm lonely at night, Isabelle,
By the camp fire so bright, Isabelle,
The vision of your loving smile
Will help to cheer me all the white.
When the fighting is done, Isabelle,
To the beat of the drum, Isabelle,
I'll come back again to the bugle strain,
Hurry up! come along! come along!


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