Falstaff Inn, Cross Grove Street, Huddersfield

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  • location: Cross Grove Street, Huddersfield
  • status: probably still exists but now in different use
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

The Falstaff Inn was sold at auction in August 1852:[1]



All that newly-erected Stone-built DWELLINGHOUSE, situated on the upper side of Cross Grove Street, in Huddersfield, known as the Falstaff Inn, together with the Outbuildings, conveniences, and appurtenances thereto belonging, and the spacious Yard behind the buildings, and the open Gateway to the street, as the premises are now in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Hirst.

Also, the Two DWELLING-HOUSES situate respectively to the north and south and adjoining to the above mentioned premises, as the same are now severally occupied by William Cassons and William Hellawell.

The premises are well built and tenanted, and afford a good opportunity to the small capitalist for making an eligible investment.

By March 1857, the landlord was William Ratcliffe. By March 1866, it was William Marsland and, by 1876, it was Samuel Latham.

By the late 1870, the owner of the beerhouse was Harriet Holroyd and the licencee was Joseph Foster.

A friendly society by the name of "Falstaff Relief Association" was formed in 1887 and held their meetings at the inn. At the 1888 meeting, it was reported that there were 37 members and the amount paid to sick members had been doubled.[2]

The premises closed for good in 1910 and compensation of £828 8s 1d was awarded. The final tenant had been Herbert Lockwood.[3]

Census Returns

  • 1881 Census — publican Joseph Foster (aged 54)
  • 1891 Census — innkeeper Joseph Foster (aged 65)

Licence Transfers

  • 13/May/1896 — Harry Winterbottom
  • 13/Jul/1898 — John Haigh
  • 04/Oct/1899 — John Edward Bonwell
  • 16/Nov/1901 — William Henry Asquith
  • 09/Jul/1902 — Paul Sutcliffe
  • 19/Nov/1902 — Ann Addy
  • 26/Mar/1903 — Matthew Henry Lindley
  • 06/Mar/1907 — Herbert Lockwood


The exact location of where the Falstaff Inn stood is uncertain. In the 1881 Census it is recorded as 12 Cross Church Street, whilst the 1891 Census records it as 10 Cross Church Street. The location of the former (according to the 1960 O.S. map is given below):

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