Ellen Garside (1845-1863)

Ellen Garside was a cotton winder who was killed in an accident at Meltham Mills.


She was born in 1845 at Meltham, the daughter of gardener Joseph Garside and his wife Hannah, and was baptised on 6 April 1845 at St. Bartholomew.

By 1851, the Garside family was residing on Town Street, Huddersfield. At the time of the 1861 Census, the family had returned to Meltham, where they were residing at Garden House, off Mill Bank Road, Meltham Mills.

Ellen worked as a cotton winder for Jonas Brook & Bros.. On the morning of Wednesday 11 November 1863 at 8:30am, the mill's whistle had blown for breakfast and the machinery was powered down. Ellen had apparently tried to clean her machine before it had stopped completely and her hair became entangled. Before anything could be done, she had been dragged into the machinery and her head crushed.

At the subsequent inquest held at the Kings Life Guard Inn before deputy coroner J.R. Ingram, it was stated that death had been instantaneous.

She was buried on 13 November at St. James, Slaithwaite.

Ellen Garside (1845-1863)


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