War Memorial, Edgerton Cemetery, Huddersfield

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  • location: near Blacker Road entrance to Edgerton Cemetery, Huddersfield
  • status: still exists
  • category: war memorial


Courtesy of Kirklees Museums & Galleries.

This cross of sacrifice is one in design
and intention with those which have
been set up in France and Belgium and
other places throughout the World
where our dead of the
Great War are laid to rest

These Soldiers
and this Airman
lie buried in

Private Harold Haigh
West Yorkshire

2nd Airmech H. B. Lee
Royal Air Force

Sergt. A. H. H. Bamford
Corps Pioneer
These Soldiers
lie buried in
Zion Methodist
Burial Ground

Private W. Bray
Duke of Wellington's

Private B. Brook
Royal Army Service Corps

Corporal N. Dyson
Royal Field Artiller

Private H. Milnes
Duke of Wellington's Regt
12.9 1920

Private G. H. Moore
Duke of Wellington’s Regt
To the
honoured memory of
one hundred and
three members of
His Majesty's Forces
who gave
their lives for
their Country
in the Great War
1914 – 1918
Sixteen lie buried in
Lockwood Cemetery
and eighty seven in
this cemetery
but the graves of
these twenty nine
are not marked by
separate headstones
First World War

143880 Staff Sergt. P. Arnold
Royal Engineers
29.6.1919   11B 116

12677 Private J. E. Banbury
Duke of Wellington's Regt.
23.6.1917   6684G

267713 Private F. Barraclough
Duke of Wellington's Regt.
28.10.1917   11B 125

52008 Private B. Birrell
King's Own Yorkshire L. I.
22.12.1918   11B 116

3024 Lance Cpl. J. T. Bower
Duke of Wellington's Regt.
27.4.1918   11B 116

L / 32570 Gunner S. Burke
Royal Field Artillery
5.6.1916   60 117G

45400 Sergt. C. H. Callaghan
Royal Field Artillery
30.12.1917   Age 30   11B 116

R / 21684 Rifleman J. L. Cockayne
King's Royal Rifle Corps
3.9.1916   11B 125

100109 Driver P. Daly
Royal Field Artillery
25.3.1916   11B 115

24866 Private T. H. Dobson
East Yorkshire Regiment
7.1.1919   Age 34   3B 48

8035 Private W. E. Fowle
Norfolk Regiment
5.3.1919   Age 41   11B 116

15 / 11 Private B. G. Gopsill
Royal Warwickshire Regt.
16.12.1916   Age 22   11B 125

C / 6135 Rifleman F. Hepworth
King’s Royal Rifle Corps
22.12.1916   3B 57

10425 Private F. Hunt
Duke of Wellington’s Regt.
5.1.1917   11B 125

1765 Private L. L. Kenneally
Royal Army Medical Corps
4.3.1919  Age 36  17 R 44C

11939 Private A Kenny
Duke of Wellington’s Regt
13.12.1915   11B 115

91734 Driver W Le Vasseur
Royal Field Artillery
2.11.1917   11B 125

35929 Private R. A. Muirhead
Highland Light Infantry
3.1.1919   11B 116

234150 Private R. L. Murray
2nd Bn London Regt. R. Fus
16.12.1917   Age 20   11B 125

1572 Private F Parkinson
Duke of Wellington’s Regt.
15.5.1916   11B 115

242189 Private T Payton
Highland Light Infantry
5.1.1920   17R 43

44074 Private J Revell
Lincolnshire Regiment
12.6.1918   Age 27   11B 116

2066 Corporal D. Shaw
Duke of Wellington's Regt.
20.12.1915   Age 20   11B 115

490 Private W. Shaw
Queens Bays
6.12.1915   11B 115

129768 Private T. Stanley
Royal Army Medical Corps
28.6.1918   11B 116

6570 Driver J. Stephenson
Royal Field Artillery
29.5.1921   11B 117

268180 Private W. Thompson
Duke of Wellington's Regt.
18.9.1919   11B 117

140945 Gunner B. Wilson
Royal Field Artillery
23.10.1916   11B 125

12416 Private R. Wright
The King's Liverpool Regt.
5.5.1915   11B 115

203657 Private J. Eccles
Duke of Wellington's Regt.
14.3.1918   3B 137


The following are buried in the cemetery but were omitted from the memorial:

  • Capt. Daniel Stewart MD RAMC (1884-1918)[1]
    • Served at Sulva Bay in the Gallipoli campaign and "was one of the last two medical men to leave". After returning home to Huddersfield, "he had grieved very much about what he had seen" at Gallipoli. He took his own life on 11 November 1918 prior to announcement of the Armistice.[2]


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The following map shows locations linked to those named on the memorial:


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