Dunford District Turnpike Road

The Dunford District Turnpike was a toll road that formed a branch of the Wadsley & Langsett Turnpike and connected the Holmfirth District Turnpike to Dunford Bridge.


The road was turnpiked following the passing of a Local Act in 1844 and ran southwards from a junction with the Holmfirth District Turnpike to reach Dunford Bridge, primarily for the purpose of providing a road link between Holmfirth and Dunford Bridge Railway Station on the Sheffield, Ashton-under-Lyne & Manchester Railway.

The Turnpike Acts Continuance Committee heard objections to the Trust's renewal application at the House of Commons on Tuesday 1 May 1877, with Mr. S.S. Booth objecting on behalf of the local rate payers. At that time, the Dunford District Trust had debts of £765 2s. 6d. owing to seven creditors. To Committee agreed to a two year extension until 1 November 1879 in the hope that the debts could be cleared before the Trust was wound up.[1]

Principal Features

Going southwards from the junction with the Holmfirth District Turnpike, the main features of the Dunford District Turnpike that were marked on the 1854 O.S. map are:


Notes and References

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