Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire: Volume 3 (1917) edited by J.W. Clay

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Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire (Volume 3)


Adams of Camblesforth, Adams of East Hardwick, Agard of Huntington, Anlaby of Etton, Appleby of Linton, Atkinson of Skelton, Ayscough of Yorke, Barton of Cawton, Bate of Easby, Baynes of Mewith-head, Beilby of Micklethwayt-Grange, Beale of Woodhouse, Beaumont of Whitley, Bellwood of Leathley, Bethell of Ellerton and Falthrop, Bethell of Wrays, Beverley of Great Smeton, Birkbeck of Sheffeild and Castleford, Boothe of Crydlyng-Parke, Booth of Pontefract, Bossevile of Braywell, Bosvile of Warmsworth, Bradford of Arksey, Brearey of Yorke, Brigham of Brigham, Buck of Flotmanby, Bulkley of South Emsall, Burgoine of Addlethorpe, Bushell of Whitby, Caley of Brumpton, Carleil of Sewarby, Carrington of Spaunton, Carter of Settrington, Chamber of Oulston, Chaytor of Crofte, Clayton of Okenshaw, Colbye of Bowbridge, Constable of Catfosse, Constable of Cliffe, Constable of Wassand, Cooke of Wheatley, Corbet of Kingston upon Hull, Coulson of Ayton, Cradock of Richmund, Crashaw of Bentley, Cressy of Birkin, Crofts of East Appleton, Crompton of Great-Driffeild, Crompton of Sunderlandwyke, Croston of Threske, Dalton of Swyne, Danby of Great Leake, Darcy of Colborne, Davile of Kirkby-Fleetham, Davye of Fockerby, Denton of Nawton, Dewick of Kingston-super-Hull, Dodsworth of Thorneton-Watlas, Dolman of Pocklington, Drake of Ripon, Driffeild of Easingwold, Eaton of Darfield, Edmunds of Worsbrough, Egerton of Allarston, Ellerker of Yolton, Elmehirst of Houndhill, Empson of Gowle, Fairfax of Dunsley, Fairfax of Sledmer, Farside of Filingdale, Favell of Keirby, Feilding of Starford, Ferrand of Flasby, Ferrand of Westhall, Forster of Rothwell, Fletcher of Towton, Franke of Knighton, Franke of Pomfret, Frankland of Aldwarke, Gascoigne of Barnbow, Gates of Thorne-Parke, Gee of Bishop-Burton, Geldart of Wigginthorpe, Gere of Great Barugh, Gere of Great Broughton, Graham of Norton-Conyers, Greene of Horsforth, Greenwood of Stapleton, Grey of Beverley, Grymston of Frasthorpe and Drynge, Grymston of Grymston, Garth and Goodmadham, Hardy of Wetwang, Harrison of Acaster, Harrison of Allerthorpe, Harrison of Caton, Harrison of Hornesey, Hassell of Hutton upon Darwent, Hatfeild of Haitfeild, Hatfeild of Laughton-in-le-Morthing, Headlam of Kexby, Hellard of Kilham, Herbert of Yorke, Hildyard of Beverley, Horne of Mexburgh, Horsley of Beckhouse, Horsley of Full-Sutton, Horton of Barkisland, Hotham of Scorborough, Hunt of Stainton, Hunter of Thorneton, Ingleby of Lawkland, Jackson of Whitby, Johnston of Pomfret, Kellam of Pontefract, Killingbeck of Chapell-Allerton, Lacock of Coppenthorpe, Lake of Castleford, Lambert of Kingston upon Hull, Lamont of North Burton, Langdale oe Snainton, Langley of Yorke, Layton of Barroughby, Layton of Whitehouse, Lee of Pinchingthorpe, Leedes of Hopenthorne, Leedes of North Milford, Levingstoun of Danby Forest, Lloyd of Hardwick, Lockwood of Sowerby Lovell of Skelton, Lutton of Knapton, Manby of Middleton, Mares of Sedbridge, Marshall of Aislaby Grange, Mascall of Yorke, Mellish of Doncaster, Metcalfe of North-Allerton, Metcalfe of Thornborough, Metham of Metham, Moore of Lower Harrop, More of Angram Grange, Morley of Newton upon Ouse, Moreton of Spouthouse, Morton of Wrath House, Mottram of Bishopdyke Hall, Mould of Yorke, Mountney of Rotherham, Moyser of Beverley, Nary of Malton, Nesbit of Yorke, Newarke of Acham, Newton of Bagdale Hall, Noell of Hayholme, Oglethorpe of Brandesby, Orme of South Newbold, Palleser of Newby, Palmes of Naburne, Parker of Brousholme, Payler of Thoroby, Pearson of Lowthorpe, Peirse of Lasenby, Pennyman of Ormesby, Percehay of Ryton, Perkinson of Carleton, Pinkney of Silton Paynell, Pockley of Thorpe Willoughby, Portington of Malton, Pricket of Allerthorpe, Raynes oe Apleton-in-the-Streete, Remington of Lund, Richardson of North Bierley, Ripley of Kingston-super-Hull, Robinson of Dighton, Robinson of Farmanby, Robinson of Kirkby-Ravenswath, Robinson of Rither, Robynson of Thicket, Robynson of Thorneton-Riseborough, Rosse of Chapell Allerton, St. Quintin of Harpham, Scudamore of Leedes, Scudamore of Overton, Shilleto of Yorke, Skelton of Middleton, Simpson of Wetherby, Slingar of Catlow, Smelt of Kirby Fleetham, Smith of Sneinton, Smithson of Moulton, Snawsell of Bilton, Sotwell of Catlinghill, Sowray of Yorke, Sowtheby of Blrdsall, Spenser of Leeds, Stables of Tanshelfe, Stephenson of Swynflete, Stillington of Kelfield, Stoutville of Humanby, Strickland of Boynton, Sympson of Ryton, Talbot of Thorneton-le-Streete, Tayler of Coates, Taylor of Temple Hurst, Taylor of Yorke, Thompson of Humbleton, Thompson of Kilham, Thorpe of Danthorpe, Throckmorton of Burnebutts, Tindall of Brotherton, Tocketts of Tocketts, Tophan of Aglethorpe, Wakefield of Seassey, Waller of Sykehouse, Wastell of Scorton, Watson of Easthage, Wayte of Layburne, Wentworth of South-Empsall, Wheathe of Langtoft, Wllberfosse of Wllberfosse, Wilkinson of Manningham, Wilkinson of Pontefract, Wittie of Yorke, Wood of Thorpe, Wormeley of Rikhall, Worsley of Hovingham, Wright of Bolton upon Swale, Wyvell of Osgodby, Wyvell of Bellarby, Yarbrough of Appleton, Yarbrough of Snayth, Yarburgh of Doncaster, and Yoward of Westerdale.

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