Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire: Volume 2 (1907) edited by J.W. Clay

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Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire (Volume 2)


Anne of Frickley, Armitage (Armytage) of Kirklees, Armitage (Armytage) of Keresforth Hill, Ayscough of Skewsby, Beavot of Leeds, Beckwith of Acton, Belt of Overton, Bigge of Yorke, Bland of Kippax Parke, Boynton of Barmston, Boynton of Rawcliffe, Bradley of Ackworth, Brandling of Leathley, Bright of Badsworth, Buck of Carnaby, Chadderton of Yorke, Chaloner of Guisbrough, Cholmeley of Brandesby, Cholmeley of West Newton, Cholmeley of Braham, Clapham of Beamsley, Cobb of Ottringham, Comyn of Whitby, Constable of Everingham, Constable of Burton Constable, Copley of Sprodborough, Creyke of Marton, Currer of Kildwick, Currer of Skipton, Dalton of Hawiceswell, Darcy of Richmond, Dawney of Cowick, Dodsworth of Badsworth, Eyre of Bramley, Fairfax of Oglethorpe, Fairfax of Mensington, Ferrand of Harden-Beck, Forster of Stokesley, Foxcroft of Weetwood, Frankland of Thirkelby, Gibson of Welborne, Greenwood of West Ardesley, Gyll of Barton, Hamond of Scarthingwell, Hanson of Woodhouse, Heber of Stainton, Hitching of Carlton, Holdsworth of Astley, Holme of Pall Holme, Horsfall of Storthes Hall, Huley of Yorke, Humfrey of Askerne, Hungate of Saxton, Hutchenson of Wickham, Ingleby of Ripley, Ingram of Cattall, Jennings of Rippon, Jessop of Bromehall, Lacey of Thornhill, Langley of Sheriff Hutton Parke, Langley of North Grimston, Langley of Rathorp Hall, Lawson of Brough, Leeke of Horbury, Legard of Ganton, Levens of Bske, Lewis of Ledston, Lister of Linton, Lister of Hull, Lyster of Thorneton and Midhope, Lyster of Arnolds Biggin, Marwood of Little Buskeby, Meryton of Castle Leventon, Metcalfe of Nappa, Micklethwayt of Swine, Middleton of Stockheld, Monketon of Hodroyd, Mountaigne of Westow, Nevill of Chevet, Norcliff of Langton, Norton of Sawley, Norton of St. Nicholas, Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe, Otway of Ingmer Hall, Plumpton of Plumpton, Portington of Barnby-Super-Dun, Pudsey of Lawfeild, Rawson of Pickburne, Robinson of Newby, Rokeby of Mortham, Rokeby of Warmsworth, Rokeby of Hotham, Rokeby of Ackworth Park, Roundell of Marston, Rudston of Hayton, Ryther of Scarcroft, Saltmersh of North-Kilvington, Salvein of New Biggin, Savile of Mexbrough, Scrope of Danby, Shuttleworth of Porcet, Skelton of Osmundthorp, Slingsby of Scriven, Spenser of Attercliffe, Steward of Lofthouse, Strangways of South-House, Swale of South Stainley, Sykes of Spofforth, Thompson of Kingston-Super-Hull, Thoresby of Sykehouse and Leeds, Thornton of East Newton, Thurgarland of Lyley, Tunstall of Scargill, Vavasour of Haselwood, Vincent of Baronburgh, Watkins on of Yorke, Weddell of Earswick, Wentworth of West Bretton, Wentworth of Wolley, West of Aston, Witham of Garforth, Wombwell of Wombwell, Wycliffe of Thorpe, Wytham of Cliffe, Wyvill of Constable-Burton, and Yorke of Goulthwayt.

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