Dr. Violet Dearing (1915)

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  • Lily Ward — Violet Dearing
  • Alf Scotty — Rival
  • Reginald SwitzRival


Men fake illnesses to impress a new woman doctor.


Kinematograph Weekly (20/May/1915):

Dr. Violet Dearing (Co). — (Bamforth). — The manservant’s hat was too big and he cut a strip from the newspaper in the study table. When the young master arrived with his friends the newspaper was pieced together, and what they read misled them. A lady doctor was coming to town — a French lady, and intent on mashing the darling they all developed, with the aid of the weed, symptoms of heart trouble, and went round to her for treatment. But what an awakening! The real doctoress was old and ugly, but she was smart enough to tumble to their game, and she prescribed for them in a way which will make them remember her for the rest of their lives. Released June 24th, length 852 ft.


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.