Butchers Arms, Meltham Road, Netherton


  • also known as: Dog and Gun
  • location: Meltham Road, Netherton
  • status: still exists but now in different usage
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.
  • see also: Butchers Arms Inn, Waingate, Berry Brow


Formerly the Dog and Gun beerhouse run by William Heaton (1861 & 1871 Census).

In February 1874, Heaton was fined a total of £1 9s. for "permitting drunkenness in his house" on the evening of Sunday 25 January. Police Constable Hawksby had visited the Dog and Gun where he "found a man beastly drunk". On entered another room, "he found the landlord [Heaton] in such a drunken state as to be unfit to conduct his house." It was stated that the beerhouse "was generally very badly conducted."[1]

By August 1879, butcher Robert Lunn (1835-1904)[2], who had resided in an adjoining shop, had taken over the beerhouse and renamed it appropriately as the Butcher's Arms. Lunn's father Jonathan was listed in the 1851 Census as a "licensed beer retailer and road repairer" (possibly even residing at the same beerhouse) whilst Robert (aged 15) was working as an errand boy for a local butcher.

Following Robert's death in February 1904, his wife Miriam became the tenant on 10 May and is listed as the landlady in the 1911 Census. She retired to Moor Lane where she died in June 1923.

The subsequent licence transfers were recorded as:

  • 4 June 1912 — James Batley
  • 2 December 1913 — Elizabeth Ann Batley
  • 2 December 1913 — John Herbert Hinchliffe
  • 5 October 1915 — Alfred George Dyche[3]

The 1939 Register lists Alfred George Dyche as a licensed victualler of 306 Meltham Road.

The property is now a private residence.

Census Returns

  • 1871 — beer retailer William Heaton (49), with butcher Robert Lunn (35) residing next door
  • 1881 — butcher and beerseller Robert Lunn (45), with an unoccupied butcher's shop next door
  • 1891 — butcher and inn keeper Robert Lunn (55)
  • 1901 — butcher and inn keeper Robert Lunn (65)
  • 1911 — landlady Miriam Lunn (72)


Notes and References

  1. "Disorderly Beerhouse Keeper" in Huddersfield Chronicle (06/Feb/1874).
  2. Born 24 November 1835. Married 27 February 1865 to Miriam Pontefract. Died 10 February 1904 leaving an estate valued at £1,190 4s. 11d.
  3. Fined on 2 May 1916 for to keep copies of the "Order of the Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic)" on the walls of each public room.