Dog Inn, Moldgreen

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According to Denis Kilcommons and local pub historian David Green:[1]

[It was] situated where the modern gymnasium now stands that was previously a BMW garage.

It opened in 1842 and the license was taken by Alan Ellis in 1883, who also made cabinets at the rear with his son John Thomas.

He was so successful that his company, J T Ellis, is still in business today as furniture and cabinet makers.

Ale continued to be served at the front of house until the pub closed in 1913 and became the workshop.

This description places it in the direct vicinity of the Commercial Inn on Wakefield Road. In fact, the two inns were next door to each other although the Dog Inn is not marked on the detailed 1851 or 1890 Town Plans that show the location of the Commercial Inn.[2]

The property was damaged when Rookery Mills was destroyed by fire on 25 May 1894.


Based on the 1871 Census, the approximate location to the east of the Commercial Inn is given below.

Notes and References

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  2. The two inns are adjacent entries on census returns and a detailed description of a fire at Rookery Mills on 25 May 1894 confirms this.