John Dobson and Son's Bank

Messrs. John Dobson & Son was a Huddersfield bank with an office in the Market Place.

Prior to 1822, the firm of John Dobson & Sons had been hop merchants on King Street.


The bank was one of several throughout the country that collapsed in December 1825.

The Hull Advertiser (16/Dec/1825) reported:

Huddersfield has also been thrown into great consternation, by the failure of Messrs. Dobson and Son's bank, which took place on Saturday morning. It occasioned an alarming run on all the other banks, which continued on Monday and Tuesday, but the public mind has since been comparatively relieved. The affairs of Messrs. Dobson & Co. are understood to be in a bad state. A docket has been struck against them. Their notes were sold in Leeds, on Tuesday, at 2s. 6d. each!

The Huddersfield Scientific & Mechanics' Institute, which had been formed earlier in 1825, reportedly lost around £400 when the bank failed.