Discovering Old Huddersfield: Part Three (2000) by Gordon and Enid Minter

Discovering Old Huddersfield was written by Gordon and Enid Minter, and published in five parts by Barden Press from 1993 to 2002.

The series takes the form of several driving tours, with occasional interspersed walks, covering the centre of Huddersfield and several of the surrounding districts

The Huddersfield Local History Society republished all five parts in 2010 in digital form and the entire book can be downloaded as a 621-page PDF from their web site:

Discovering Old Huddersfield: Part Three

cover of part three

The third book in the series contains a single circular tour:

  1. Industries and Institutions
Three years ago, when we put together tour number one (The Old London Road) in part one of "Discovering Old Huddersfield", we mentioned two branch roads, indicated by Ogilby on his 1675 map, one leading to Rastrick, the other to Colne Bridge. This tour follows both these routes and in so doing passes several schools and hospitals (or their sites) and one or two industrial complexes - hence the title. Of course, as with all our tours much more is included than is suggested by the title and this one looks at old lanes, canals, railways and their relics, old houses and sites of fairs and markets. All these and many other historical features may be seen by travelling just ten eventful miles to the north and north east of the town.

As the tour is circular it may, of course, be joined anywhere along its route that is convenient to you. We chose to start near to the town in Northgate at the bottom of Kirkgate.

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Discovering Old Huddersfield: Part Three (2000) by Gordon and Enid Minter


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