Discovering Old Huddersfield: Part Four (2000) by Gordon and Enid Minter

Discovering Old Huddersfield was written by Gordon and Enid Minter, and published in five parts by Barden Press from 1993 to 2002.

The series takes the form of several driving tours, with occasional interspersed walks, covering the centre of Huddersfield and several of the surrounding districts

The Huddersfield Local History Society republished all five parts in 2010 in digital form and the entire book can be downloaded as a 621-page PDF from their web site:

Discovering Old Huddersfield: Part Four

cover of part four

The fourth book in the series contains a single tour:

  1. Benefactors and Businessmen
When we sought a title for this tour it occurred to us that, in the eight miles involved, we pass the homes and workplaces and (optionally) visit the last resting places of a number of wealthy nineteenth century businessmen some, but by no means all, of whom chose to use their wealth and their position in society to benefit the local community. Of course, as with all our tours much more is involved than the title suggests and this one includes churches and chapels, schools, warehouses, co-operative stores, cinemas and a theatre, tramways, railways and the canal, old water courses, bridges, Edgerton Cemetery and the late and lamented Cambridge Road Baths.

Beaumont Park is the last of Huddersfield's four major parks to be included in our tours and we have devoted rather a lot of space to it. There are three reasons for this: it was the first public park in the district to be officially opened; the opening day provides a good example, only hinted at in our previous tours, of how our forebears liked to indulge themselves in an orgy of bunting and banners, processions and speeches; we like Victorian parks.

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Discovering Old Huddersfield: Part Four (2000) by Gordon and Enid Minter


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