Discovering Old Huddersfield: Part Five (2002) by Gordon and Enid Minter

Discovering Old Huddersfield was written by Gordon and Enid Minter, and published in five parts by Barden Press from 1993 to 2002.

The series takes the form of several driving tours, with occasional interspersed walks, covering the centre of Huddersfield and several of the surrounding districts

The Huddersfield Local History Society republished all five parts in 2010 in digital form and the entire book can be downloaded as a 621-page PDF from their web site:

Discovering Old Huddersfield: Part Five

cover of part five

The final book in the series explores areas of the town not covered in the previous books.

The first part of the book explores four streets in the town centre: Cloth Hall Street, Cross Church Street, King Street and New Street. When we began, massive changes were afoot in King Street and restoration work had just begun on three of the street's old yards. Our interest in these yards led us to explore others and in recording their history as well as the history of the four streets with their houses, shops, stables, tramways, workshops, manufacturies, pubs, hotels, banks and hundreds of offices we hope we have been able to make clear what a lively and prosperous place the town centre was in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We should add that, in places, we identify the sites and recount the history of buildings long gone; lack of substance has never stopped us telling an interesting story.

In the first section we also describe, at some length, the intrigue, indignation, determination and bitterness behind the building of the Town Hall. It is a fascinating tale of passionate verbal battles fought in the council chambers and one, we believe, that has not previously been told in full.

The second part of the book takes us out of town to explore places that played a part in the lives of some of the district's past inhabitants: a Civil War hero (or villain if your sympathies lie with Parliament), a dying boy, an outlaw, a riotous mob, groups of disaffected workers and a man who took on the mighty Sir John William Ramsden in the highest courts in the land. Finally, so as not to break away completely from the format of our earlier books, we include a short car tour and an even shorter walk.

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Discovering Old Huddersfield: Part Five (2002) by Gordon and Enid Minter


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